Trump: Presidential marketing

Donald Trump is not seriously running for President.  Anyone who thinks so is delirious and mis-guided. He has not the capability nor finesse to be CEO of the USA.  

Yet he must be applauded as a business person for understanding the publicity game well enough that he picked an issue that will generate maximum public coverage without he himself having to prove anything of his talents or readiness to be President.

Donald Trump, the self-ordained champion of the 14th Amendment, has catapulted himself into the national narrative not to strengthen his own presidential ambition but quite simply to generate maximum awareness for the Trump brand.  While he is catering to Tea Partiers on Fox News, his sales team is likely negotiating licensing deals for condos and resorts across the country.  

If he really wanted to be President, he would tackle real issues and offer real options for America to debate. Thats leadership.  However if he wanted to simply generate free awareness of his Trump brand, he would do exactly what he is doing today - getting in the headlines as much as possible.

Dont hate the player, hate the game….and “The Donald” is playing it like a master.


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